Thursday 2 July 2020

Last orders

After a decade, we’re bringing Sediment to a close.


It’s exactly ten years since we started the blog, and in that time we have written over 500 posts; produced an e-book, Wining & Dining; and the Sediment hardback book, which won an André Simon award and came out in a subsequent paperback edition. We have drunk some of the best wine, and a lot of the worst; and we have even made our own. It’s been a ton of fun - but you have to take a break some time; and that time is now.


We’d particularly like to thank Toby Buchan, who edited our book; Julian Barnes, who gave us our André Simon Award; and our long-suffering wives, to whom we are still, luckily, married.


And if you have been, thanks for reading.


Charles Jennings & Paul Keers


  1. Thanks for the laughs all these years guys. Very sorry to see you go, but going out on a high note is probably always for the better!

    Miquel Hudin

    1. Sorry to see Sediment end. It was the only really enjoyable wine writing... and very funny too.
      Good luck for the future.

  2. Bit of a shock, that. You've written the best blog of its sort and I hope the archive is kept online. With all good wishes,

  3. Thank you so much for entertaining us for years! We will miss you and send you our very best wishes.

    Jillie and Graham

  4. Sorry to see you go. For years you've been one of my secret pleasures, like that bottle of barolo I keep behind the cistern.

  5. Oh no, I've enjoyed it so much. Two thoughts:
    Who will we rely on for sensible wine thoughts now, and
    Will you just be telling each other about your vinicultural adventures now?
    Seems a terrible waste.
    If you really are hitting the road, thanks chaps - it's been an absolute pleasure and a hoot!

  6. I, too, have greatly enjoyed your blog and your books. Sorry to see you go, but all good things come to and end and better to come to a good end than to end when no one cares anymore. All the best for the future and start buying some good wine, for a change!

  7. Have really enjoyed your writing over the last few years, cheers!

  8. I may have read this blog for most of its ten years . . . great stuff! Thanks for the laughs. Cheers!

  9. Oh no! I'm going to miss you. Thanks for everything – and cheers!

  10. Farewell, dear fellow wine-drinkers. I've enjoyed your posts over the years, and loved your book every time I have re-read it. Happy sailing, sipping, guzzling, and midnight raids on the kitchen. With or without wine.