Thursday 23 May 2019

Bordeaux Grands Crus Classés 2015 - 2018

This week's style icon: David Mamet

A bar. CJ and PK are in a bar, seated at a table, drinking. They have just come from a tasting of a selection of Bordeaux Grands Crus Classés in Church House, SW1

PK: So this is the thing...and it's not just me saying this.
CJ: Uh-huh.
PK: Because this is, what? Look at me.
CJ: Alright.
PK: It's widely held.
CJ: It is.
PK: As day follows night. As the rich man takes his tithe.
CJ: Of course.
PK: Fuckin' right it is. But if.
CJ: If?
PK: What if? Look, look, what if there was there was...Jesus, look at me. At my age. These people, I beg them.
CJ: For pennies.
PK: You said it.
CJ: I do.
PK: I'm begging and they have...all this...
CJ: Riches.
PK: Exactly. Is that the law?
CJ: It's the unwritten law.
PK: It's bullshit.
CJ: As the duck flies south in the winter...
PK: Exactly.
CJ: To furnish his winter nest...
PK: So I'm saying. And this is just me saying. Listen to this. I'm saying we go back in.
CJ: Back in.
PK: And not just anywhere. We go to the Pomerol table.
CJ: That's a table.
PK: It's two hundred notes a bottle.
CJ: I hear you.
PK: We go to it.
CJ: Directly.
PK: Or indirectly. The point is...we're at the table.
CJ: Uh-huh.
PK: And a bottle goes...
CJ: Huh?
PK: We.
CJ: So...
PK: A bottle is removed. From that table.
CJ: Do they..?
PK: It goes. A whole bottle. We are at the table. A bottle goes.
CJ: Do they give us..?
PK: No.
CJ: We..?
PK: If that's how you want to see it.
CJ: They have people.
PK: I don't know they have people? A bottle goes. It goes to us.
CJ: People all around the table.
PK: I don't know that?
CJ: Do we..?
PK: By an action. We go back in. The bottle goes. We go out.
CJ: We take the bottle..?
PK: Those are just words.
CJ: We..?
PK: Take, leave, sample, liberate, possess. What are these words? There is no word, beg. Jesus. You say, that's a man? How do you know that? Fuckin' years I put up with this. Less than nothing they give you. Like they're superior. 'Oh this, oh that. Oh take this. This is all'...Pieces of...and we're grateful? No. We go back in. Maybe you wear a coat. A large coat.
CJ: In the..?
PK: Or a container. You got a bag. I say, 'Oh this, oh that', you have...
CJ: A receptacle?
PK: The bottle goes in.
CJ: And you're saying..?
PK: I finish my conversation.
CJ: That's what you're having.
PK: As civilised human beings.
CJ: I take the bottle.
PK: We leave.
CJ: Straight out.
PK: It's out of the ground. What can they do?
CJ: All I'm saying is...
PK: What?
CJ: It's not...
PK: What?
CJ: What I'm saying. They have people.
PK: You sad sack. You fuckin' sad sack.
CJ: It's..
PK: Don't talk to me. In fuckin' life, there is a time and then...what are you left with? That moment. You look back. Who is there to judge?
CJ: I have to go.
PK: You fuckin' pussy.
CJ: I don't have a coat.
PK: I have a coat.
CJ: I have to leave.
PK: Alright. And this is me talking. Wait. We change our focus.
CJ: Fuck you.
PK: Okay. Listen. We go down town.
CJ: What?
PK: Give me this much respect. Alright? We go to another place.
CJ: To the..?
PK: Not so rich as the Pomerol.
CJ: A lesser..?
PK: Pomerol, maybe they are watching.
CJ: It's possible.
PK: Another table, it's not so...
CJ: Not so...
PK: A smaller one, a lesser label, they'd want us to take it. Montrose. I don't know. Get the name out. If we just asked. We're doing them a service.
CJ: We tell them.
PK: Explain.
CJ: Alright.
PK: Who could resist?
CJ: Down there, it's fifty notes a bottle. Sixty.
PK: What's that to them? In reality?
CJ: Uh-huh.
PK: Alright. I'm asking. I'm asking.
CJ: Alright. But you have to wear the coat.


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