Thursday 15 November 2018

Leaked Clues From The IWSC Jumbo Christmas Crossword - The Solutions

So I've checked these and I think they all come out. Took a bit of doing, but I can't see any gaps. Don't know about you, but I thought 6 Down was trying its luck; as was 22 Across. On the other hand, 34 Across and 11 down more or less handed it to you on a plate, so I suppose it evens out.

And now the question remains, are they going to re-write the whole crossword? Are they going to close their eyes and hope that no-one's noticed? We shall see.

Anyway. If you've come to this late, the clues alone are here.  And here are the answers -


4. Familiar appelation unites us from the Sixties (6) - Mateus
7. Sell a Gallic sweetheart? Take your pick! (8) - vendange
8. Here I live in fear (7) - terroir
13. Sweet, mistaken, earnest us (9) - Sauternes
14. Familiar aroma in odd pet case? (4,3) - cat's pee
19. See 27 Down - n/a
22. Ventoux mechanism turns white (10) - Montrachet
26. Writer gives up for old Antipodean (8) - Penfolds
30. Missouri anticipates mixture of dregs and an abrupt left to create a flower (7) - Moselle
34. Flavour like Kew? (9) - botanical
39. Fizzy, favoured six-legger contains harm? (9) - pétillant
40. What we're left with, 'e claimed to argue (8) - sediment


2. Prophet rises and gets working for a piece of California (6) - Sonoma
6. Adhesive dyestuff? Buff's commonplace (6,7) - grippy tannins
11. Messy slob's tipple (4) - bols
13. He waits for battle, story-teller loses article but invests a quarter (9) - sommelier
15. Some kind of CIA suggestion - Machiavelli might recognise it (7) - Chianti
18. Magical object loses player, gains most of actress - it's the water of life (8) - Talisker
23. Look in the residue, Rosemary, for traces of a river (5) - Duero
31. Common Era's not suited? It's a mess near Dijon (5,2,5) - Côtes de Nuits
35. German opera contains mixed-up falsehoods? Hock the lot! (8) - Riesling
36. Typical Chardonnay to evoke a serving hatch (7) - buttery
37. Keatsian Hipppocrene (3,4,3,8) - the true, the blushful


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