Wednesday 22 June 2011

Is Sediment the Best New Wine Blog 2011?

We’re dead chuffed – which, in our “distinctly British sensibility” (Snooth) means we’re surprised, delighted and rather proud – to be a finalist in the 2011 Wine Blog Awards

Sediment is one of six finalists in the Best New Wine Blog category. To reach the shortlist with our somewhat idiosyncratic approach to wine writing is great; to win would be terrific.

The final decision will be made by a combination of public vote and judges’ verdicts – and so we’re nervously asking if you, our followers, could possibly, if you feel it’s appropriate, hem, hem…vote for us.

We’ve received plenty of comments during our first year, from “Droll, funny and very, very good” (thank you, Tai-Ran), and “work of genius, chaps” (Alex), to “What a ridiculous blog post, total lack of understanding of how the industry operates at the moment and clueless as to what was in that bottle you consumed.” (Anonymous).

Joe @suburbanwino was kind enough to comment “Ha! Love it. I'm quick to pick on folks who give tasting notes... unless they're clever, witty, or extraordinarily well-written (these fit that bill).”

We do hope that (apart from Anonymous, obviously) you all enjoy Sediment’s approach to wine – if so, perhaps you could visit and place a vote for us in Category 7? You can vote in as many or as few categories as you wish.

Many thanks for your support,



  1. Congratulations, and good luck!

    I'm surprised that you're not also in the best writing category. I think that this is one of the best-written blogs that I visit. I read for the writing as well as the wine.


  2. Hi Ross,

    Thank you so much for your kind comments.

    We've had a lot of visitors to Sediment from your site, so the link is very much appreciated.

    I hope we can continue to entertain you in the future!

    Thanks again and very best wishes,

  3. Promptly went and voted for you. Love your blog, and only wish it was updated more than once a week. I raise my glass to you! Really hope you win

  4. You (of course) have my vote! Keep up the good work chaps!

  5. Wine, as you are both clearly aware, is important. The drinking of it, the appreciating of it, the celebration of it. It is not for glugging, it is the special drink. That's why your blog is so important. Winning would be nice, yes, but the challenge for you, PK, and for you, CJ, is about the continuous success of the blog. Sure, celebrate your nomination. Celebrate your win, if it comes (and you've certainly secured my nomination, for sure). But the biggest celebration should be for your wine, and your fine writings on wine. Yes, you two are special ones, yes.


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